A Wealth of Clarity and Choice

A Wealth of Clarity and Choice

Transparency • Advocacy • Collaboration

Springtide Wealth exists to help you make conscious decisions about how you spend, save and give away your money

Why Springtide Wealth?

We help you discover exponential opportunity in complex financial situations.
We manage all the moving parts of your life, money and business.
We use our unique Arbutus Philosophy to guide you towards the best decisions in all areas of your life.

Is your wealth having impact? Is it creating your legacy?

Through conscious financial decisions, your wealth can have impact on your life and the life of those you choose.

We believe that your legacy means three things:

How you live TODAY, what you TEACH OTHERS during your lifetime and what you LEAVE BEHIND.

Our advisors act as your personal CFO

Looking through your lens to support the implementation of your family’s unique goals, values and desires.


“Jennie was recommended to us because simply put, we didn’t have a robust financial plan nor did we have the experience or time to develop and maintain one. We own a small business which is in the early stages of selling and we wanted to come up with an exit strategy that didn’t hurt us tax-wise. In addition, my wife is self-employed, I have a second full-time job, we dabble in real-estate investments, and we have a young and growing family… so life is busy and complicated! Isn’t it always? Jennie provided clarity, great options, and helped us make sound choices. She was not afraid to consult the right people when she didn’t have the answers. She also meticulously mitigated our risk by arranging insurance, which became difficult due to the deemed risky nature of my career. But Jennie was unfazed and found a policy that worked for us at a reasonable cost.
She took things a step further by implementing our staff’s benefits program too. And when staff had questions (no matter how small their investment), she and her colleague were quick to answer. This service has become incredibly beneficial to our corporate culture and has helped retain staff for the long term. Jennie’s the hardest working financial planner I’ve dealt with. Her communications are good, she looks out for her clients’ best interests, and above all, she’s honest and great at her job.”

Daniel Cowan

“Jennie came highly recommended to me. Upon first contact, over the phone, I knew I had to meet her. From the first meeting I was certain that she could help me out with both my budgeting and financing and I looked forward to it. In the past year Jennie has worked closely with me to put order, structure and a plan in place for me moving forward to the next stage in my life financially.
It has been and will continue to be a huge learning curve for me and Jennie is the ‘master’ who can break it down and ensure I understand everything I need to know.
Jennie is very knowledgable, persistent when she needs to be and most of all friendly, kind, and patient. No questions are too complicated, no questions go unanswered. Jennie will make sure at all times that I understand and am comfortable. I look forward to a working relationship with Jennie well into the future. If I hadn’t met Jennie through business I would have hoped to have met her socially. She is a great person and great at what she does.”


“For years I had been saying I wanted a personal CFO! And Jennie showed up at just the right time. Jennie took a keen interest in helping me better understand the interaction between my operating business, my holdco and my personal finances. She worked closely with my accountants and my bookkeepers to create some new systems, which made my finances more efficient. And she created an overall financial plan for me which, a year later, is still on track. She did all this in language that was easily understandable. She helped to take my pain away and I now consider her a friend. I highly recommend her.”

Claire Booth – Lux Insights

“Jennie Weeks is a highly knowledgeable certified financial planner with exceptional people skills and a high level of empathy. Her insightful advice showed me a clear way out of a cumbersome financial situation. She is very attentive and supportive and brings her experience, enthusiasm and good will to every meeting with a client. I was really impressed with a range of customized financial solutions that she has developed for me. Thank you very much, Jennie.”

Tatiana Teslenko – Professor of Teaching at the University of British Columbia

“Jennie is fantastic to work with. She knows her craft and has fantastic vision for long-term investment growth. Jennie specializes in working with women and her sensitivity and support are truly unique in this field. I appreciate Jennie’s approach and have referred many of my friends and business partners to her. Highly Recommended.”

Susi Bolender – C.C.C. Executive Coach Therapist

“Money was a hot topic for us in our blended family. With Jennie’s help we were able to come up with solutions that fit our family dynamic. There were some difficult discussions but we have taken our heads out of the sand.”

Jill and Jody

Springtide Wealth

A Wealth of Clarity & Choice