A Better Divorce

Transparency • Advocacy • Collaboration

Welcome to ‘A Better Divorce’. I am Jennie Weeks and I am here to help you navigate the legal, emotional and financial journey that takes over your life during divorce.  

It’s not about winning, but it is about knowing your rights and having influence over the outcome of your divorce. Don’t be a victim, get informed right here watching these videos.

After years of watching people make the same mistakes I am here to share everything I have learned from the hundreds of families I have helped get the best possible outcome.  What works and what doesn’t work and what you need to know.  I will be your advocate on this journey as we uncover the emotional, financial and legal secrets to a better divorce.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know until it’s too late. You will find interviews with lawyers, counselor, financial planners and even judges as I ask all the questions that you need answered to help you through your journey.

I will interview people just like you who are divorced, and they will share the mistakes they made and what they would have done differently.

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