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Mission Statement

Your lifestyle.

Your legacy.

Your plan.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the ability to make conscious financial decisions throughout their lifetime based on their own unique values, lifestyle and desires.

Why Springtide Wealth?

Springtide Wealth exists to help you make conscious decisions about how you spend, save and give away your money.


Is your wealth having impact? Is it creating your legacy?

Through conscious financial decisions, your wealth can have impact on your life and the life of those you choose.

We believe that your legacy means three things:

How you live TODAY, what you TEACH OTHERS during your lifetime and what you LEAVE BEHIND.

Our advisors act as your personal CFO

Looking through your lens to support the implementation of your family’s unique goals, values and desires.

Meet Jennie

Springtide Wealth represents a living legacy. Springtide was my summer home in Washington State. Surrounded by extended family… memories, values, traditions, and beliefs were born out of my Springtide experiences.

Jennie Weeks, Founder

Senior Financial Planner
“Our legacy is what we make of our lives, the examples we set and how our wealth effects or influences those we care about. Making conscious financial decisions is what creates our legacy and has been the inspiration behind my financial planning practice.”
I am a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and am extremely passionate about working with business owners.

My journey as an entrepreneur started at age 13, when I manufactured and sold hair ruffles to Hills of Kerrisdale in 1987! I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Small Business and Entrepreneurship from the University of Victoria while working in a series of Internet start-ups. In 2000 I founded an online Golf Club for Women called Golf Fore Gals, which I franchised and sold 8 years later.

I love business and I understand how it works. By working with business owners, I am involved in what I love and provide an invaluable service that advocates for their success. I help business owners grow personal wealth so they can focus on what they do best and feel pride in what their business has achieved.

In 2013, I became CDFA certified as a divorce specialist. The emotional component of divorce brings a need for advocacy and clarity. I support people in a vulnerable place to understand their situation and the implications of their settlement in order to move forward. Going through separation with a client builds incredible trust. Having been through the experience, I get great satisfaction in empowering people to find hope through this life-changing transition.

“My passion: taking complex financial situations and making them relevant to my clients—then creating a clear roadmap to make a difference in their lives.”
I love people and embrace both our commonalities and differences. I measure my success based on the relationships I have with my clients. Every client is like family. I find immense joy in being a trusted advisor— helping with the tough, everyday decisions that families face. I am rewarded by these relationships and my ability to provide clarity, choice and security for my clients.
“Our lives are changed by the people we meet and the books we read.”
When I am not working you will find me playing outside. I love travelling, being outdoors on the ski hill, taking my children boating on the sunshine coast, golfing and hiking. I love to play and watch sports and will travel the world to watch the All Blacks with my Kiwi husband. Downtime is a good book on the back deck or a walk with a friend. I love family dinners with our blended family—watching them discover and grow into their unique talents and personalities.

Springtide Wealth

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