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About the Collective

Springtide Wealth is a transparent wealth management collaborative. We are loyal advocates for each and every client—busy individuals, families and business owners looking for financial clarity and choice, and an enduring financial plan. We work for you in tandem with your existing support structures to create your unique and personalized plan.

As your Personal CFO, we see your financial house through your lens. We have knowledge in all the areas of financial planning;

tax planning
estate planning
cash flow management
investment management
and risk management
It is our role to identify a need for expertise. Our first point of contact is always your current support team. But, when necessary, we have access to experienced professionals we know and trust, and who understand our collaborative approach to finding the best strategies for our clients.

By working together we can implement and align your strategy with the correct tax, estate and risk management solutions avoiding duplication and conflicting strategies.

Accounting, Bookkeeping and Corporate Consulting

Strategic Coach

Michèle Soregaroli

Corporate, Wills and Estate

Corporate lawyer

Veronica Singer


Monique Sherbere

Estate Litigation

Melanie Magnussen

Family Counselling and Support

Mortgage Brokers

Springtide Wealth

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